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Songbirds are some of the sweetest creatures on the Planet. In almost any place around the world, some types of birds are present outdoors and in natural areas. Especially in the morning are they singing sweetly. Tweeters send out their little whistling songs and chirps on the breeze, and nothing is sweeter than the sounds they make.

Taking Time to Listen

When people take time to listen to birds, they are provided with a calm mental healing. Chirps and tweets make people feel happy and lighter than before they heard the birds. Getting out in nature offers (more…)

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The sometimes intense colors of nature affect people in different ways. None will deny a slate gray sky, promising rain or snow, depresses people. An intense blue sky, on the other hand, brings a smile to faces and a spring to the step. Just so are the first yellow, red and purple blooms of spring. Many people seeking to de-stress from a long day will count the myriad shades of green around them. Some try to determine how many colors are in the creek or how many shades of brown are in the trees.

In nature, certain colors have (more…)

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Humanity has a terrible habit of putting off change until there is no choice left other than to adapt. Necessity may be the best motivation for invention. However, the environment on planet Earth is proving to be a system too delicate to take such an approach. Preserving it for the use and enjoyment of future generations requires that steps be taken in the present. Luckily, there are multiple large energy providers throughout the world that are recognizing the need for innovation. They are considering the facts and taking approaches that reflect both practicality and responsibility. The change depends on the individual choosing energy companies that have an eye on a sustainable future and the participation of energy companies who are willing to meet these kinds of demands.

Energy providers who are moving their investments into solar, wind, and other sustainable means of energy production are able to increase their efficiency while still providing their services to customers at a lower rate. Customers can take advantage by doing their homework. Resources, such as, allow people to explore what their options really are, and create the demand for clean energy that will make it necessary for all energy providers to fall in line. Responsible energy providers will also encourage customers to join in the drive towards a more sustainable future. Companies using this practice make it possible for individuals using solar or wind power in their homes to feed energy back into the grid for additional savings. Beyond the financial bottom line, this practice lessens the load during extreme weather conditions, decreasing the number of black outs and grid failures.

Companies upgrading their systems based on the models made possible by renewable resources are also able to provide customers with many more options in regard to their power consumption. Many of these technologies allow providers to “pool” energy for widespread distribution across great distances. Currently, government subsidies meant to encourage the use of natural energy also gives corporations greater freedom to expand the capabilities currently at their disposal. The long-term savings for both customers and providers can hardly be denied. Current estimates show that 80 percent of the energy produced by developed nations still comes from fossil fuels. With all the facts in hand, it is evident that there is still room for massive growth and improvement. The benefits for future generations include not only a safer and cleaner environment but also a completely new job sector with nearly unlimited growth potential.

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Natural can sometimes mean fatal. Some plants can poison humans. It’s a good idea to know what they are before you eat them. Here’s a list of some of the most dangerous.

Jimson Weed – A favorite of British mystery stories in which the villain boils the plant, also known as the Devils Trumpet or Locoweed, to get a supply of Belladona which he uses to finish off a troublesome Duke or Baronet.

Oleanders – The (more…)

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Working with animals is indeed a worthwhile cause. It is by studying animal behavior that we get a better insight on our own biological cycle. Defense against enemies is a big part of our natural instinct and playing dead is a natural self defense mechanism for many animals. In this post, we will look at several creatures that play dead to prevent getting eaten by predators. First on the list is the possum. When a possum is under extreme fear or stress, it enters into an involuntary comatose-like (more…)

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Over two hundred fifty species of snakes comprise the family of snakes called Viperidae. Members of the Viperidae family thrive all over the world with the exception of Australia and Antarctica.

Most Viperidae have rough scales with a prominent ridge running the length of each scale. This gives the snake a rough appearance, rather than the smooth, glossy appearance of other snakes. Most snakes in the Family Viperidae have a triangular shaped head that is distinct from the rest of the body.

The long hollow fangs are what most keenly distinguish snakes in the Viperidae family. These fangs inject (more…)

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There are so many huge, and largely unknown, species dwelling beneath the sea. The very small number of deep sea creatures we, mankind, have managed to pull to the surface for out inspection is flabbergasting. There are tentacles as long as boats, tails larger than a man, and that is just what we have seen.

Those that hunt deep sea creatures have a hard task at hand. Not only are they elusive, but they are, ever so obviously, unapproachable. They use very long and strong lines, as well as hooks over a foot across, to attempt to catch (more…)

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Some birds don’t always nest together. For example, there is a huge different between the parenting techniques of the cowbird and of the phoebe bird. The phoebe bird’s behavior is what you would typically expect. The bird mate, builds a nest, sits and incubates the next, and once the chicks are hatched, the bird feeds the chicks. However, the cowbird has a different way of doing things. Once she mates, the cowbird will look for a suitable nest made by another bird, a structure which generally resembles a cup. She doesn’t steal the nest from (more…)

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When everyone is asleep, and your corner of the world seems peaceful, a sudden bump in the night can cause most anyone to feel a startled. The unknown can be frightening, and the night is a curious time. Are your brave enough to investigate the things that go bump in the night? Or do you find yourself closing your eyes a little tighter, hoping to avoid whatever is causing that noise?

I love to observe my peaceful neighborhood at night, if things are quiet and the conditions are right I can enjoy the sight (more…)